Young writer Manasvi Dobariya launches her first book ‘Tara Panthe’

As one said, “If you dare to dream you must be brave enough to fight.” We all say the big inspirational lines but very few follow it and make a history. Manasvi Dobariya is one of those who dare to dream and has determination to achieve it.

At a young age of 21 years, she wrote such an inspirational book “તારા પંથે”. Tara panthe is filled with mixed emotions like innocence, love, sadness, fear, anger, courage and joy. She describes each and every emotion at its extreme level. Tara Panthe is a story of a girl who has a dream. Like many girls, she was not planning to fall in love but little that she knew her own destiny. And unfortunately, she falls in love. To know what happens next and how she will achieve her dreams and what sacrifices she has to make in order to achieve her dreams, read Tara Panthe.

Her grandfather’s kindness towards homeless girls and Wave – The Youth Power gave the inspiration to Manasvi Dobariya to write this story. She was in 10th standard when she wrote her first novel but couldn’t find the climax for it. Then suddenly this story got her attention and she put her soul & heart into this story. She is a student of MSc (Final year) in MS university. She already has a huge fan club following on matrubharti app.

This is her first Gujarati novel and it is breaking the records of pre-booking. The book had launched on Dussehra and till date sold half of its copies. Citytadka salutes this girl for becoming a true inspiration for the today’s’ youth.


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