WRUN Women Run 2018


Tag a woman in your life who has made any difference in your life to enlighten and kindle them to be a part of WRun.

Think For Yourself and Run For Yourself.


Women are such millennials especially in this era where feminism is like a regular cramp. But women it’s time to, Think for yourself and Run For Yourself. WRUN is the perfect platform to pick up a healthy habit of running. WRUN is a women’s run for 5kms and 10km, which promotes health and fitness for women. And demands every woman to take out a minimum of 30 mins for themselves from their daily routine to be fit and healthy.

A Women runs a society, A house, A family, Now It’s time for her to Run for herself! So all the beautiful women tie your laces and join this movement of THINK FOR YOURSELF AND RUN FOR YOURSELF with WRUN.

For Registration Visit: https://wrun.in/

16th December 2018
+91 97129 40664

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