MahaAarti with 40000+ diyas – Umiya Dham Temple.

This Ashthmi, we CityTadka team went to Umiya Dham; a place where thousands of diyas are lit for the divine goddess Umiya Mata.

Umiya Mata is the divinity worshipped by lakhs of Kadwa Patidars spread across the world. She is the consort of the Mighty Shivashankar and the daughter of Parvatraj Dakhsa. She is the supreme power ‘Shakti’ and is also the mother of the Kartikeya and Ganesha.

The word Umiya is derived from the word Uma, meaning mother. She sits in the main temple of Unjha and is worshipped by her sons and daughters across the World. She is worshipped in various forms, the most popular form is of “Parvati” and she is also known as Nav Chandi or Nav Durga due to the nine forms popularly worshipped. Thousands of Hindu devotees hold lit oil lamps as they participate in a Maha Aarti near Umiyadham Temple in Surat. Thousands of Hindu devotees gathered at Umiya Dham and offered Aarti on the occasion of Ashthmi to Ma Umiya. The Ashtami Aarti at Umiya Dham was one amazing experience.

Thousands of diyas were lit in just a couple of minutes and then the lights, all went out in a second and we witnessed a spellbinding spectacle. Only the temple lights were on for the entire duration of the Aarti, while thousands of hands swayed with diyas.

Overall 40000+ diyas were lighted up and the crowd was as excited as you can notice in the images. And as you might not know that in Ashtami Aarti at Umiya Dham no photographs are allowed then too somehow Citytadka took permission from the chief authorities there and got the pictures of that occasion. As this occasion is celebrated once a year and people from different sources and backgrounds visit that place.

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