This Independence Day, Let’s hear from Strong Surati Women what Freedom means to them!

On the occasion of Independence Day, City Tadka asked strong Surati women what freedom is meant to them. City Tadka strong support women empowerment. Women are beautiful not just by her face but by her ambitions. Success is something one should never ever compromise; let us hear from the lovely ladies on this Independence Day.

1) Shweta Merchant

Founder of HappyMinds Shweta Merchant said “Freedom is many small things such as leading her life on her terms, not controlled by other’s thinking, choosing her own lifestyle, to be educated. Freedom is to go out of a house and make a remarkable difference in the community by expressing your thoughts and progressive thinking.”

2) Trupti Shroff

According to The Artist, Freedom is what she wants to do and forget about what others will say. She thinks every woman has a freedom to act, think and fly high and a chance to be better. Woman is equal to man now.

3) Sangeeta Choksi

The Leading Fashion Designer of Gujarat thinks freedom is to present yourself rightly in front of the society, either by speech, thoughts or deeds, but not in a dominating way. She would love to enjoy the freedom to work shoulder by shoulder with men and grow women entrepreneur by helping each other and increase the strength and confidence.

4) RJ Krutika

The travel freak RJ thinks Freedom is not being judged by others and freely expressing our thoughts without thinking what others will say. Freedom is packing your bags and travel freely without worrying about our safety.

5) Chef Sneha Thakkar

According to Chef Sneha Thakkar, a person who can create her own personality is freedom. Being a woman, one should not limit to handle just household tasks and family tantrums but handling business and to create one’s own identity without anyone’s interruption. In this modern age, freedom is flying in the vast sky, swimming like a mermaid and walking like a human on this earth.


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