Stretch your Fitness to fuller Possibilities with ‘The Yoga Studio’

Peace and Solitude is one of the most desired ingredients of our LIFE!
And to rejuvenate both, we’re here with ‘The Yoga Studio’.
Book your Yoga Regime Now: +91 85111 99308

Diets and Gym regimes come and go, but #Yoga is forever. ‘The Yoga Studio – Stretch the Possibilities’ is an ardent place where your Mind, Body And Soul are retreaded. If you’re looking for authentic yoga place then this is your place as here through Yoga; good health is added to your body & positiveness is added to your mind.

‘The Yoga Studio’ in short ushers us with authentic ‘Patanjali Yoga’. They also offer 108 Week Intense Yoga, Normal Yoga, Aasans, Breathing technique and more. The instructor focuses on everyone and helps us to gain wholesome experience. Yoga is accompanied by soulful music.

So, let us learn this skill to rejuvenate your mind & body and Stretch that to fuller Possibilities with ‘The Yoga Studio’.
For Enquiry Call: +91 85111 99308
(For Ladies Only)

Here are the Details:
402-403 Rajhans Orante, Nr. Jani Farsan,
Parle Point, Surat.
Morning: 11:00 A.M. – 12:15 P.M.
Evening: 04:00 P.M. – 05:15 P.M.
(Monday – Friday)
+91 85111 99308

See Full Video Here:

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