The people of Surat are so determined that they achieve what they believe in: PM Shri Narendra Modi

‘Yeh Mera India!’

This invaluable quote is going to change into ‘Yeh Mera New India’ soon! India, a developing country and we are proud to be its citizens, so much that each individual is taking the initiatory to do his/her part. While the problems like illiteracy, corruption, unclean, drugs, poverty, inequality, etc., is nationwide and everyone is aware of it, Surtis have taken the pledge to change it for the novel new India.

The Surat Marathon was not just a running affair, it was a festival of festivals in itself. The marathon was flagged off by the honourable Prime Minister of India – Shri Narendra Modi. The Diamond City of Surat shined bright not just with a huge deal of LED lights but also with the cheer of more than 150k runners and the audience. From live band performances to a motivational crowd cheering the participants, The Surat Marathon was full of sugar and spice and everything nice, all together with one motto, for a new country, run for new India.

PM Narendra Modi has praised Surtis for their efforts in bringing such a great event by coming together and making it a grand success. In his speech, he quotes:

“This kind of events happens only with charity, but with this Marathon, Surat – the land of Freedom lovers is fulfilling the dreams of New India. Also, with this marathon, you are pledging a new approach to caste, creed and corruption free India, together. If 125 crores Indians take the similar pledge like you all, no one can stop India from being supreme.”

He also added:

“Surat is not just about locho and undhiyu party but, the people of Surat are so determined that they achieve what they believe in, and RunForNewIndia is an absolute example”

“I want Surat to make a world record on 21st June and break all its records on 31st October”

Here are 5 things we should learn from #RunForNewIndia:

1. Strength in Unity:
The marathon brought a huge number of people together, not just from Surat, but many other nearby cities. Thousands of people came together for a cause bigger than any other. They came together to build a new India and support their nation to grow better. The grand marathon aided in uniting people from various walks of life.


2. Beauty in Diversity:
When you look closely at the marathon participants, you may realise that it was an affair of diversity. People from various cultures and walks of life, age group and mixed demographics ran the marathon. It comprised not merely Surat, but India, the symbol of diversity.


3. Health is wealth:
Marathons are a fun way of staying active and healthy. A lonely walk may sound boring to some, but a marathon sounds fun to many. The Surat Marathon was a grand combination of fun and health. Thousands of people came together in their activewear to boost their health. From kids to oldies, people were seen enjoying the health-oriented event.


4. Patriotism towards new India:
It was a highly proud moment for the Indian Prime Minister to witness so many people coming together to contribute to a new India. It signified the patriotism of the people towards their beloved country. No age bar, no gender bias, no cultural or religious discrimination could keep the crowd from participating and cheering in this festival-like event.


5. Fun and Frolic:
The event was a grand affair with loads of fun and frolic seen amongst the groups of people running and in the audiences. Surat is a highly enthusiastic city where people do not leave an opportunity to be a part of a fun event. Thousands of people were witnessed being a part of the marathon.

As an Indian, we hope to see a new India that is digitalised, clean, educated and healthy. We hope to see the economy rise and eliminate the gender and cultural discrimination.

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