The Fruit Bowl

Imagine you are at your workplace, it is about evening and you start to feel slightly hungry. Now imagine you have a pick your pick from a bowl full of fresh fruits and that too of your own choice and on the other hand, a packet of unhealthy food loaded with fat contents! Which would you prefer? Of course, the fresh bowl of fruits, right? Now it may sound a little nonsensical because come on, let’s face it, where in the heavens you’d get a finely diced bowl of fresh and salutary fruits at your workplace?

Well, that heaven is right here in Surat which goes by the name THE FRUIT BOWL! They bring home the freshest and natural fruits of all exotic varieties giving you an access to an array of fresh juices, healthy juices, milkshakes, smoothies and much more. In this fast paced life of 9 to 5, there barely is time for eating healthy food, let alone preparing it. THE FRUIT BOWL aims to deliver lightning fast. pocket-friendly and a healthy snacking option to your doorstep and that too at no extra cost.

Only for your convenience, THE FRUIT BOWL also has an app for Android users to let their patrons go by their entire menu and order accordingly thus, giving them the power to order their choice at their fingertips. So Surtis what are you waiting for, get yourself in shape wherever and whenever you want. Dial a phone, tap a button or just simply walk straight up to THE FRUITS BOWL.

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