The celebration of Women Entrepreneurs Week at BNI Surat Region

There is a saying ‘If you educate a man, you educate an individual but you educate a woman, you educate an entire generation.” A woman is the powerhouse of immense strength and courage, she knows how to carry her armour, fight her battles and still be gentle.
To celebrate Surti women of such stature, BNI Surat thought of felicitating them, and hence they had organised Women Entrepreneurs Week which highlighted the success stories and enterprises by the women and for the women.
BNI’s WEW was lined up with a series of events that included success stories, women at the throne leading the meetings and powerful presentation. With selected virtuous and reputed ladies in the house, the knowledge, skills, potential and integrity was amplified.
The meeting was chaired by all the women of the Leadership Team. Well-known women faces of the cities were invited as visitors for adding new energy, freshness and experience from a different walk of life.
Some of the big names included Dr Rupal Shah, Shweta Merchant Gandhi, Maitri Contractor Jariwala, Ritu Tuteja, Dr Mamta Mukul Soni, Pooja Chaurushi, Seema Mehta, Hema Engineer, Advocate Preeti Joshi and Mrs Meena Mehta and 90+ plus shining stars of the evening.
The meeting got over on a very high note and marked the great level of power possessed by the women entrepreneurs and their dexterity.
Confidence makes one walk with purpose and dignity, considering the faces behind this prosperous idea of praising the gentlewomen – Executive Director CA Gaurav Singhvi, Executive Director Dr Nidhi Singhvi, Director Consultant BNI Surat Sumit Bhatia, it was grand.
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