TAC Fest 2017 – Best Out of Waste Event in Surat

“Think Act Create” the fest celebrated since 2013, organised and conceptualised by students of School Of Interior Design.

“TAC FEST” 2017 – the annual event by the students of School of Interior Design, AAERT has been organised on the 10th and 11th March 2017.

The concept is based on ‘BEST OUT OF WASTE’. Waste recycling has been a very popular topic over the last decade. The purpose of recycling is to make used materials reusable. There are an increasing number of products produced by recycled materials which have shown that consumers and manufacturers are becoming more aware of the benefits that recycling could bring us. However, some people may argue that there are better ways to manage waste such as waste prevention, in which case will reduce the amount of waste produced beforehand as the less produced the fewer needed to be dealt with.

The workshop like weaving, Origami, Lamps, Bamboo, will also be conducted with a view of enhancing the creativity.

Let us come together on one platform and celebrate ART and CULTURE.

The fest shall include several student workshops, inter-college competitions,
cultural evening – all under one roof – an ambience created by the students themselves!
Also, a formal presentation and interaction by the renowned
Architect – “AR. SAMIRA RATHOD” from Mumbai.

Your presence shall be awaited!

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