Surti Winter Shopping at Tibetian Market Chowk

The time when we are heating our chai a little longer than usual. The time when we are taking our old mufflers and sweaters out. The blissful time when we are taking 5 minutes longer to get off our beds in the morning as it feels warm and cosy. Yes. That’s right. Surat has been hit with its first wave of winter. And at this time, the best place to get your winter wear is The Tibetan Refugee Sweater Market. Since last week with the temperature dipping to its lowest in months, Tibetans in the city are smiling, for their business has picked up.
There is a huge number of Tibetans who are selling various garments like sweaters, caps, mufflers, shawls, socks, gloves, etc. at Chowk. And to check the collection out, CityTadka team was at the spot. It had started out with a few Tibetans coming to Surat to sell their produces and they would hang around in the Bhagal area displaying their wares on bicycles parked near the footpaths but now it has grown exponentially with a number of people with a variety of options to offer. We got to know the Tibetan sellers purchase their wool from factories of Shimla, Punjab and other northern areas. They buy these items on credit and pay the factories after doing the business.
This market is sustained because of the unity between these folks. They don’t bargain at all so that every one of them gets the fair chance for doing business. While chatting up with one of them, we found out that they had reordered their stock or the 3rd time. It seems this time the sales have been high. A customer was spotted shopping for her four children. When we sparked a conversation with her, she said, “They have just one pullover each. These days they have to wear them throughout the day so they end up dirtying them. I am here to buy a few more as it seems winter will not end soon.”
Team CityTadka highly recommends purchasing your winter wear from the Tibetan market. Undoubtedly you will find a huge variety and that too with pocket-friendly rates which will make your winter even more enjoyable.
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