Surat Super Bikers Club (SSC)

Kudos to Surat Super Bikers for their tour to Russia

Moto Tour to Russia to celebrate the eve of 550 years of Indo-Russian relations. Surat Super Bikers Club goes on 2nd Ride to Russia to celebrate the eve of 550 years of Indo-Russian relations with the assistance of Russian Information Center in India.

The first ride undertaken by SSC was in the year 2017 when India & Russia were celebrating 70 years of diplomatic ties, this ride covered the regions of Crimea & Sochi. During this tour the group was greeted by the City Administration of Feodosia, Crimea at the monument of Afanasy Nikitin who was the first European to set foot in India in the year 1469.

Mr. Afanasy Nikitin landed on the shores of Revdanda in Maharashtra and spent some years travelling in India. He left India from the port of Dhabol and reached Crimea, Russia via the sea route. The 1st SSC ride was to celebrate this landing in India and Crimea.

The 2nd SSC ride will start on 02 June 2018 from Moscow on BMW adventure motorcycles with its first halt being the historic city of Tver, the birthplace of Afanasy Nikitin, here the group will be greeted by the city administration.

SSC has the privilege of carrying Earth from Crimea & Revdanda which shall be spread out in the land of birth of Afanasy Nikiten. This is a proud moment for the Indo-Russian relations where bikers from India are touring to Russia and covering the cities of historic importance to Indo-Russian relations.

Thereafter the tour will continue to the 2nd Capital Russia St Petersburg through Russian scenic routes, the tour will cover a total distance of 2200 km plus and will ride through 7 Russian towns.

About SSC:
Headquartered in Surat, our own Surat Super Bikers Club is headed by Mr. Dashrath Desai and his team of dedicated and enthusiast senior and young members who collectively ride and tour often for social causes like the recently concluded ‘Ride against drugs’ which was simultaneously happening in Surat and Mumbai. The club also has means to support enthusiastic riders and also has its own café in the center of Surat City

About Russian Information Center in India:
RIC was launched in India in 2013 as a non-commercial organization with a clear goal to build Indo-Russian relations using the medium of socio-cultural exchange and tourism. RIC organizes various types of tours and events to promote relations between the two nations. RIC has its offices in Mumbai and St. Petersburg.

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