Surat marched in support of “Say No to Drugs” Road Show Rally by Youth Nation

A toxic truth that we are facing and living in every day is Drug Abuse – a widespread epidemic that is engulfing our nation and especially its youth. A bright future gets destroyed because of this problem and the effects are far worse. It is our moral obligation and responsibility to help the youth of this nation get out of this addiction and there are some passionate people who have taken the responsibility of doing this in an all-rounder fashion.

Keeping up with their tradition, Youth Nation organised a strong, successful rally on this republic day to spread awareness towards this raging problem and spread the message of hope and help for those affected. A grand “Say No to Drugs Road Show Rally” was presented with the attendance of thousands of Surtis gathering at SVNIT Circle to march in support of this epidemic.The main motive behind organising this rally was “Say No To Drugs” and “Yes To Life” and to spread the message that Life is a beautiful gift without these toxic drugs.

More than 150 organisations came in support of this cause with Youth Nation on 26th January and City Tadka was there in full support as well. More than 20,000 people graced the cause with their presence. Dignitaries like Harsh Sanghvi were present to also support this rally which aimed at helping the youth of this country.

With the full support of Surat Police Department, the rally moved with proper ease. Brilliant management was done by Surat Police and we are in awe of them and heartily appreciate their service. Over 50 policemen delivered their message of “Road Safety” on their bikes. The stellar Biking Queens were present spreading the wonderful message of “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” and many open jeeps were present displaying the message “Say No To Drugs” Live performances by various artists on moving trailers was surely an interesting sight and added a touch of fun to the cause.

Various activities were also included to keep the public interested and excited. Lucky draw for all the participants was organised. As it was Roadshow Rally, many vehicles appeared spreading positive and motivating messages towards making this an “Anti-Drug” country. Kids with special needs delivered a beautiful message of  ‘If we can then why you can’t?”The Rally ended in a grand fashion leaving all the participants and spectators in awe and surely gave them a sense of community and a boost to help the youth of this country who have been trapped in this deadly problem. We are glad to see such great initiatives taken by Youth Nation who have taken upon themselves to bring change in the society for good and keeping up with their constant struggle to help those in need. City Takda thanks them on behalf of all the citizens of this country for doing such a marvellous job.

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