Grab World’s Famous Gujju Farsan at ‘STUTI KHAKHRA’

Gujjus have taken over the world, and with every Gujju who travel around the world; travels Gujarati Farsan. We’re here with the world’s famous Munchies, Farsan or Snacks – Gujju Farsan by ‘Stuti Foods’.

‘Stuti Khakhra’ knows our love for Surti Farsan is at a different level and So, to cater us at the same level, they have a whole utopia of Surti Farsan at their store. They house delightful and healthy munchies like Khakhra, Soy Sticks, Chakri, Mixtures, Wafers, and everything. Plus they also offer Bakery products Basically, they are the masters in Surti Farsan since their inception in 1999.

‘Stuti Khakhra’ also offers a number of flavours such as 40+ varieties of Khakhra like Jalapeno Khakhra, Methi Khakhra, Kela Methi Khakhra, Cheese Chakri, Tomato Chakri, Manchurian Soy Sticks, Pani-Puri Soy Sticks, and whatnot. They also have Sarasiya Khaja, Papad, Chorafali, Rajgira Ladu and Whole-Wheat Nan-Khatai. Isn’t that amazing?

So, from your festive sweets to your everyday munchies, ‘STUTI KHAKHRA’ has it all in every variation and flavour imaginable. So, go and Visit Them.

Here are the Details:
G-1, Blue Arc, Near Althan Garden,
Althan Char Rasta, Surat.
09:00 A.M. – 09:00 P.M.
+91 98251 28761

See Full Video Here:

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