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Surat has been a hotbed of textile and diamond business is pulsating with new ideas. Of course what remains same is the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship. From some of them foraying into uncharted territories to others joining the traditional businesses but growing them through unconventional channels. Each with his/her own journey, some defying gravity, some moving boulders and yet nourishing the spirit of the city that lives business 24×7.

To celebrate this spirit, we, the CityTadka invite all the young (we know age is just a number but that number is set below 35 for now) and budding entrepreneurs of Surat to share their stories with us. Out of all the entries, 12 would be selected and published on our page. If you think your story is worth a read or you know someone who has such a story, share it with us. We’ll give them the platform for sharing it with our audience and beyond.

Celebrating the risk takers, the rainmakers, the young, the Mavericks.

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