Scieitific Shop is going to arrange a visit to ISRO….

Knowledge doesn’t come by seeing age or profession so Anyone eager to visit ISRO can be part of the visit, as well as we believe in encouraging enthusiasm hence each person being part of it shall be served with Certificate, Scientific Gift & Photograph.
Every year we host a visit, and this time let yourself be part of the vision of Scientific Shop. The one day visit will take place on 31st March 2018, wherein you will get a chance to explore and learn about ISRO. The tour managed by highly experienced and professional management team of Scientific Shop with visionary CEO Mr Dipanshu Sekhani (Science Activist, Innovator).
We will be happy to attend the telephonic conversation with you on 7226082727 or you can visit for more details.
Topics to be covered during this tour:
1. What is ISRO?
2. Why to make a vision for ISRO & not for NASA?
3. Who all can join or what is the process to fulfill vision to be at ISRO?
4. Not only Astronomers or Scientists works there, but you can join from any background, How?
5. Types of Rockets launching from ISRO now a days.
6. Satellites Launched and their working.
Link of our Event:
31st March 2018
+91 72260 82727
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