Citytadka had a heart to heart with the gorgeous SARA KHAN at THE LIFESTYLE FASHION SHOW & EXHIBITION!

It was a twilight of glamour, art, and craft as THE LIFESTYLE  FASHION SHOW & EXHIBITION persisted in an absolute swing! Celebrities SARA KHAN and ZOYA AFROZ were present to even further escalate the charm of the event! Our team got an invaluable chance to have few words with the lovely SARA KHAN and it was a memorable moment!

She appeared overjoyed being at the event. She told us all about her love for fashion shows and exhibition! We asked her how was she feeling coming to the Surat for the first time and that how she felt about the people of Surat. She exclaimed that she was thrilled to be in Surat for the first time. She loved the people of Surat. She told us that people of Surat were very welcoming and it was a delightful experience to be at the exhibition! She requested all the Surtis to remain the same forever and that the docility in people of the Surat made them the best! We then asked her whether she visited exhibitions on her own when she is not working, she replied passionately that fashion shows and exhibitions were her favorites. She loved to discover new designs and loved the new trends that were displayed. She concluded saying that she was indeed a fashion show and an exhibition lover. She also joked about the exhibitions saying that it was more fun really when she was getting paid for it and visited the exhibitions along with her team rather than just alone!

We had a great time talking to SARA KHAN and that we wish her all the best for the future and also wish to see her back in Surat again!

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