Sandip Rajput’s 3DX(Fit Rho, Hit Rho)

Great dancers are not Great because of their techniques,
they are Great because of their passion.

3DX(Fit Rho, Hit Rho) is a dance academy which caters you fantabulous choreography.
it is a group of amazing choreographers. they not only help you with dance choreography but also many things related to it.

3DX(Fit Rho, Hit Rho) has an expertise of 15 years in this artistic arena and is rocking stages with its astoundingly marvellous choreography. 3DX(Fit Rho, Hit Rho) provides services categorizing from Dance, Zumba, Anchoring, DJ sound, LED screen, Trust lights, new choreography, new theme, a new concept, new props, and what not!! if you are planning for an event, 3DX is the perfect answer for all your qualms and queries.

ZUMBA! because enjoying while working out burns even more calories!

3DX(Fit Rho, Hit Rho) expertise with the maximum number of branches in Surat and spreading its knowledge to more than 3000 students. It proffers ravishingly choreographed dance and strenuously vivifying Zumba just at a minimal price of 4999/- per year. Humanity still exists, 3DX truly defines it as they provide free dance class to the children who are unprivileged.

Go and get yourself registered to the coolest and the most inventive dance institute of Surat.

BB-5 Sargam Shopping centre
Parle Point, Surat.
+91 97278 18909
+91 89808 18909

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