Sakahar – Uttam Aahar ended on a high note with musical performance and idea of vegetarianism

On 5th November 2017, Surat witnessed a soulful musical night that had the presence of some renowned personalities at the Sakahar – Uttam Aahar organized by Jain Social Group Samanvay.

It was a mesmerizing evening wherein well-known celebrities made the evening an enchanting one. The guest of honours included visionary writer Dr. Will Tuttle, his wife De Madeleine Tuttle, Bollywood famous actress and brand ambassador of PETA Dr. Aditi Gowitrikar and Gujarati movie actress and model, Hiral Patel. This was the first ever International event held in Surat through the collaborative efforts of Mr. Sandeep Dangi (president of Jain Social Group Samanvaya), Dr. Manohar Gamavat (Project Incharge), Mukesh Jain (vice president), Rakesh B Gandhi and Amit Rampuria (secretary) and Navin Kumath.

At the event, the audience was left spell-bound with Dr. Will Tuttle’s soulful voice and his wife accompanied him with the melodious Bansuri. After that Dr. Will Tuttle enlisted the benefits of vegetarian diet and also how a proper diet not only affects one physically but it helps him mentally and spiritually.

Followed by that, Dr. Aditi Gowitrikar narrated the glimpses of her life and how she chose to turn vegetarian. She was pained with the brutality done on animals which led her to turn towards vegetarianism and so did actress Hiral Patel, a Surti girl who made it big also believes that vegetarianism not only changes your life but at the same time advocates to believe in love, kindness, and pure heart. Vegetarianism isn’t about food it’s about life. So stay healthy and happy!

All the guests requested the people present at the event to make a small change in their lifestyle by becoming vegetarian and it will help us all in the long run as it will also reduce the atrocity done on animals.

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