Rath Yatra – 2016

Rath Yatra also known as Chariot festival, one of the much-awaited Hindu festivals, is celebrated every year on the 2nd day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashadh. The foremost epicenter for this festival is the Jagannath Puri temple, one of the four major Hindu shrines, which is situated in the state of Odisha. Rath Yatra is popular due to its religious connotation in all over India.

Suratis took part in the celebrations with full enthusiasm. Surat Police has deployed more than 4000 on duty for the day on different routes from where these Yatras are likely to pass. Every year there are five Rath Yatras. The major one being the one of ISKCON, started the route from Surat Railway Station aroubd 2:00 PM and returns to Jahangirpura temple, passing by Ring road, Sardar bridge and Rander Road.

As many as three new splendid chariots are created for the Yatra (the journey) of the Gods – Lord Jagannath and his siblings – Balbhadra and Subhadra every year. The carpenters, having rights for this job by heredity, follow century old styles, written in the holy Hindu text, for building and decorating the chariots. The act of pulling the Rath by the ropes during Rath Yatra is believed to be an extremely religious act. Puri has the biggest attraction for millions of tourists from all over the world and after that Ahmedabad comes on the list on the celebration of the same.

Many of us don’t know this but this is the only yatra in the city that doesn’t culminate on the same day but moves around for nine days before returning to the temple. May god bless all of us and shower his blessings by giving us good health, prosperity and happiness.

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