In Conversation With Playback Singer, Parthiv Gohil

Who is Parthiv Gohil?

Parthiv Gohil is a musician and an entertainer. I sleep music, I eat music, I drink music, I walk music and whatever I am today is all because of Music.

Was becoming a Playback Singer your dream?

I started learning music when I was 10yrs old; my father just came to me and told me that you have to go for music. And being a very obedient child, I agreed and went towards turning his dream into reality. My father just ordered me that you have to do so, and I did it. My entire family pushed me towards learning music.

Why did your father tell you to join music classes? Is someone from your family background into this field?

No, it’s not like that, he just wished that my son should be in music, it might be possible that he saw my capability. My father’s hobby was music, and his conviction was so strong that it dragged me to join music. And now I think it was a good combination of his conviction and my passion.

In which year did you get your first break?

I started as a student at the age of 14 and went to Bhopal to learn music from a very well-known and professional singer Ustaad Alifiaz Tager, which was my first turning point. While growing up your voice changes as with your vocal cords.  I would preferably say that the Bhartiya Shastri Sangeet was taught by him. Then after that, I went to Mumbai and participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and at that time the host of the show was Sonu Nigam. It was during this competition that socialised and made many contacts and also stood first.

Getting awarded by Pandit Jasraj ji was in itself a very proud feeling and well who doesn’t like some attention.

What is your main passion – Live performance or Playback singing?

Talking about my passion currently is live performance because here I get to try so much and enjoy it with lots of experiments. By god’s grace, my experiments are not going wrong, the crowd is enjoying the music, and that is loved by me. My music is not bounded by genres, I try and do a different thing every time.

Who is that one person in your life who inspires you?

My inspiration is my father. It is because of him that I am at this stage today. And I also thank my Gurujis who taught me and made me capable. Whatever I am is the picture curated by my father.

What is your next project?

My current project is today with the SRK family, I am very much excited to be with them. SRK is an organisation who treats employees as family members and does everything for them. And today’s event is managed by Pro Events.

What message do you want to give to all the Surtis who are reading this?

My message to all the Surtis is that stay same but do listen to your parents as they aren’t wrong and will guide you on the right path.

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