Parathe Sharathe at Piplod

Pass from Piplod road and it is totally impossible to avoid the fine aroma of spices at Laaris. Well, this road belt is more or less famous for the finest parathas of the town. Well, in this article we have covered FOUR paratha laaris exclusively for youuuu.

These four includes Krishna Paratha, Krishna – I Paratha, Sai Paratha and Prem Paratha. Each of them serves the hot, fresh and exotic parathas with some curd, achaar and some spicy chilies. Some of them also serve PavBhaji and pulao and some Punjabi delicacies too. The hot tawa and spluttering spices on it make the finest aroma for the happy eaters. Here the main varieties include Chinese Paratha, Veg. Special Paratha, Stuffed parathas etc. Suryamukhi Paratha is something really new and one should have hands on.

In conversation with City Tadka, those paratha specialists mentioned that here people come with all class. They have our parathas without being too conscious and the best thing we receive in the end is the pleasure they cherish, the compliments they leave for them. Well, we too loved this visit (PS: That guilt free food is all we need). Hain na??????

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