Achieve your fitness goal with Pal Fitness & Weightloss Centre

The only workout you’ll regret is the one you didn’t do! A fit body is the healthiest investment. So, Let us make you Wealthy with a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle.

We’re here with Surat’s First and Only AUTOMATIC GYM – “Pal Fitness and Weight Loss Center”. So, now you can workout without feeling Breathless after few minutes of workout.

“Pal Fitness and Weight Loss Center” is the Whole & Soul center of Passive Exercise in Surat. This summer lose some extra pounds without your gym shoes at Pal Fitness and Weight Loss Center. They’re well equipped with toning tables that tones your muscles and joints and also provide a stress-free environment. Specially designed for individuals with B.P, diabetes, Thyroid, Cervical Pain, Back Pain, Knee Complications or has Heart Problems. They also use therapies like Vacuum-therapy, Heat-therapy, Electro-therapy, Cavitation-therapy, and Body Sculpting.

They majorly focus on Passive Exercise which is very effective for weight loss. Well equipped with Tummy Toner, Leg Toner, Upper Body Toner, Waist and Hips Toner, and a lot more. PLUS here are the Benefits like you need to be there:🔸Figure Shaping and Body Toning, 🔸Weight and Inch loss, 🔸Improve 🔸Blood Circulation, 🔸No physical or Mental Stress, 🔸Builds Stamina and Immunity and 🔸No Side Effects.

So, be the architect of your own body and bring yourselves to the best way to burn your fats at “Pal Fitness and Weight Loss Center”.

Here are the Details:
234, Royal Platinum Canal Road,
Nr. L.P Savani School, Pal Gam, Surat.
6:00 A.M. – 08:00 P.M.
(Monday to Saturday)
+91 95861 45290
+91 90990 85444

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