In conversation with the renowned mentors of Surat. Mr. Piyush and Mrs. Pooja  Known as the Khans of their industry are bringing the Talk Show called Pahechaan. The show is to bring out the best from you. The show will feature 18 Pahechaan Participants of Surat and how they chose their success path. Let’s know more in their words.
1. How is Surat evolving personalities and development of the same?
Surat personalities are from different areas of work and their developments are remarkable and noticeable. Some of the personalities have developed themselves in a  massive way which is hard to believe but it’s a true story.
2.  How is communication important in each and every aspect of life?
Communication is the biggest medium to send and receive the message wherever we want to. Communication is the most important tool to convey the information and convince people. Great people always use the medium of mass communication to get fast success and become famous. Pahechaan is also one of the mass communication concepts where lakhs of viewers will listen and learn the thoughts of successful people & get ready made ideas to success.
3. What is a success to you?
According to us, success is the journey, not the destination. It is an ongoing process.
Success is all about balancing the different aspects of life like Family, Finance, Health, Career & Society and keep moving ahead facing daily troubles and winning over the problems.
4. What is Pahechaan?
Pahechaan is about Inspirational Untold Success Stories of different people from different fields of Surat. Pahechaan is about failures before success in which the Pahechaan participants talk about their smart moves and fruitful execution using their core abilities to achieve the success along with fighting against all odds of life. It has never been Bed of Roses to make your own Pahechaan. We should remember, there is never a short cut to success.
5. How many people are going to be part of it & what is their benefit?
Initially, 18 Pahechaan Participants who are Industrialists, educationalist, doctors, entrepreneurs, social workers, they are going to be the part of the show and our efforts are to do more shows in future. Pahechaan participants will get connected to lakhs of people & share their point of views & ideas on their Vision, Mission, Expertise, Business Strategies, Services & Achievements. They will be expressing their thoughts & will be giving their storical evidence of their success. They will be viewed by a lot of audiences and this will make their Fame Wall more stronger.
6. How will Pahechaan be helpful to the Surties?
Pahechaan ( The Talk show with Pooja & Piyush ) is a ready-made blueprint to success, where Suraties and other city people will get ready methods and remedies on how to be successful and famous in every stage of life. It will inspire both average and above average people as we have tried our best to serve the viewers the secrets to win life and live life happily with all the achievements. This show is made for every age viewers like students, employees, businessmen, housewives & seniors too.
7. When is the launch of the show? How many episodes are going to be there?
The 1st show will be launched on 20th August and total 18 episodes are going to be telecasted on every sunday on V TV News at 11:00 AM. More than 60 Lakhs people are our target audience for each show.
8. Where can our audience view these episodes?
Well, they can watch these episodes on V TV News, YouTube channel of City Tadka, City Tadka FB Page, Pooja Piyush TV You Tube, Pooja Piyush FB Page.
9. How success stories play a role in one’s life?
Success stories have been the major part of our lives since childhood. We have always heard about the great people of the world from our teachers, preceptors & learned the morals of life & how they became successful in their lives with their inner belief & broad vision creating their benchmarks and setting an example in society.

Success stories are the base of our inspiration and it pushes us towards our goals. You can say without success stories the fuel of life success is missing.
SHARE YOUR SUCCESS WITH PEOPLE ON PAHECHAAN (The Talkshow with Pooja & Piyush ) Pahechaan is the biggest platform to highlight and share your success stories to become renowned & make a brand name and of own and the company which you have built with hardships and hardwork. If you have big success stories full of challenges & thrills and want to share on the platform of Pahechaan Do write us about you and your work profile in details on or call us on 93777 93851.

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