Our rendezvous with renowned Spiritual Guru Dr Binny Sareen

As India’s regional director of a global organization GLOBAL PEACE INITIATIVE, USA, Dr. Binny Sareen is all about the welfare of the society and humanity. She is an enlightened and dedicated spiritual trainer, author and a relationship advisor, a notable expert on spiritual enhancement subjects and Rajyoga meditation at various organizations and countries. She is also a DIRECTOR GENERAL – INTERNATIONAL PEACE INITIATIVES at Global Board of Executives of All India Council for Human Rights. And so, It was an absolute honor when we had the chance to get to know her and all about her sublime activities!

It all commenced when she was just another kid from Delhi. Once her father heard about the world famous PRAJAPITA BRAHMA KUMARIS ISHWARIYA VISHWA VIDYALAYA in Mount Abu. When he had the experience of meditation for the first time, he was swept off the feet. He decided to visit the place where all the serenity of meditation originates. As a result, Dr. Binny along with her family moved to Mount Abu. She’d learned about the importance of yoga quite early in her life and thus, decided to meld herself in it. She believes that Yoga is the key to a healthy and a happy life. Yoga makes you feel happy and keeps your heart healthy which in turn, directly affects the mind. She has done a Ph.D. and has also been recognized by the President of India and achieved honorary awards for the same.

She understands yoga to be the resolution to a cheering and a tranquil life. She concludes that it can probably be the answer to the world problems and all the worries of life. It was an absolute honor to converse with such a spiritual personality. It did leave a great impact on our thinking about the way of life. We heartily thank Dr. Binny for being the signature of peace and doing well for the society and the world!

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