Get a Perfect Dose of Health with a yummy twist at NUTRIIBOX.

For those of you who have always considered healthy food synonymous to boring and bland. We’re here with something that will not just excite you but also your Taste Buds.

Now you can shift to Healthy and Tasty wholesome food with NUTRIIBOX.

If you’ve ever thought that eating healthy means not having enough exciting food options than NUTRIIBOX will definitely change your mind. They have a comprehensive menu having a huge number of options from Snacks to Smoothies, Salads to Power Meals. They even have a range of low-calorie desserts.

The best part? Their portions are huge and they leave you satiated. NUTRIIBOX believes in conceiving and exploring the holistic relationship with food by reviving old traditions and some bold new flavours, Plus they serve gourmet meals but at a fraction of the costs.

Sounds like a {healthy} dream come true?
So Basically, Nutriibox boasts Healthy Lifestyle which is filled with wholesome meals.

Here are the Details:
U -12 Agrasen Shopping Point.
Near Agrasen Bhawan, City Light, Surat.
+91 95100 99055

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