‘NURTURING LITTLE HUMANS’ A rendezvous with parenting by Mr Jay Lilawala

A rendezvous with parenting by Mr Jay Lilawala

We were just a decade away when we had a totally different childhood. Our evening was filled with non-stop chattering with friends and outdoor games. But over the period of time, the scenario has changed. Today the kids are more into smartphones and video games.
Somewhere children are unaware of how we can be great managers of life through simple ground games.

Mr Jay Lilawala, an innovator, educationist, speaker, trainer and founder of the leading preschool: Parvarish International Preschool understood the plight and hence he authored the book ‘NURTURING LITTLE HUMANS’.
Through his narratives, he highlighted the points how parents of the 21st century should bridge the gap between two centuries.
It is an eye-opener for all reality of today’s generation and with the help of this book he tried to help parents in making joyful memories during their course of parenthood.

An excellent work and a must read to all the parents.
A big shout to all the parents, go grab your copy and walk a step closer towards your kids.

To grab your copy, click on the link below:

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