In conversation with Mr. Anupam Kher

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So as you all must know by now, it was a hit play in Surat “Mera Wo Matlab Nahi Tha”. By the time our team got an amazing opportunity to chat with Mr. Anupam Kher.

Yes, we had a round of question answer with Mr. Anupam. Firstly he congratulated us (Yes! all of us) for ranking 4th as a smart city of India. He follows Narendra Modi for his great vision for India and also dreams large for the same.

When asked about his interest in plays, he shared his deep passion for theaters. He has interest in drama and play. When asked about his opinion why people should go and watch this play, he said that is something that he really couldn’t comment upon. According to him people should go and find out themselves.

We have seen Mr. Kher in many comic roles, but in deed he is a very witty and serious personality. Not just the audience but many celebs like Salman Khan has appreciated this play like anything. It has been performed across the globe and wholeheartedly welcomed too.

We are thankful to Neha Kothari for bringing this beautiful opportunity for Surat to have great show like this. Also Mr. Kher wished her great luck and praised for her hard work and passion.

This was the first visit not only in Surat but also in Gujarat, like Surtis he was equally excited for the same. As he never visited Surat before, he had heard a lot about it and even he praised Surti Lalas a lot for their jolly and generous nature.He wished all of us to be the same and keep the same spirit forever and ever.

When our team asked Mr. Kher got to know about this new start up venture, he congratulated us and also gave a message to stay honest and dedicated towards work forever and it will lead you to the way of success.

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