Ministry of Eggs

Set your mouth of Fire. Try these mouth-watering egg dishes at Ministry of Eggs. Are you an egg lover too? And you’re bored of the eating the regular omelette and boiled eggs? And want a variety of eggs?

So, we want to let you know about Ministry Of Eggs. They serve you a huge variety of eggs, with a lot of fusions in it. Hygiene is a very important part of the preparation of food. And what’s exciting is, they maintain proper hygiene during the preparing of any of their dishes and the prices are really reasonable.

So, here we’ve some suggestions for you. Dishes to taste in Ministry Of Eggs:-

1) Australian Fry-Australian fry is one of their chef’s special. It is half fried egg, with cheesy base gravy, along with boiled eggs, which gives an absolutely delightful experience served with delish bread and exotic salad.

2) Egg Paaplet- This one for the cheese lovers. It’s a jumbo omelette with their chef’s secret picante gravy overloaded with mouth-watering cheesy stuffing in it with sparkled herbs. Doesn’t the dish sound appetizing?

3) Egg Lahori- This one is too their chef’s special. With exotic red gravy made up of chef’s special spices, egg yolk and cheese, topped with a special tadka of house green chutney, served with delicious bread and exotic salad.

4) Egg Mamna- Egg Mamna is a tempting Surti speciality. Egg kebab topped with an appetizing onion and tomato gravy, garnished with cheese on it, served with delicious bread and exotic salad.

5) Egg Lasan Kachu-The amalgamation of classic green garlic and egg’s oozes, which brings out a new fusion dish, called Kachu.

So, here is the end of your waiting for your cravings for eggs. Go and explore food with Ministry Of Eggs.

Here are the details:
VR FOOD COURT 3rd Floor,
VR Surat, Dumas Road,
Magdalla Surat
11:00 AM – 11:00 PM (open all days)
+91 90810 40999

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