Make your Essentials Gears & Gadgets #CORONAFREE with STPL3D’s ‘INDOSAFE’

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Ultraviolet Light Development could help kill COVID-19 Virus. Yes! 💯

So, Now your Essentials Gears and Gadgets can be #CORONAFREE with STPL3Dsurat’s ‘INDOSAFE ‘ – a UV & OZONE BASED COVID-19 SANITIZER.

So, Go & Get Yours Now! For Enquiry, WhatsApp 📱 +91 91251 13344

You can buy from store:

We all know how important it is to sanitize everything we use and take proper precautions for our safety and STPL3D understands this and so they’re here with ‘INDOSAFE’.

INDOSAFE is a UV & OZONE BASED COVID-19 SANITIZER which will sterilize all germs & bacteria in the radiation chamber and will prevent its growth again.

It has 360-degree Total Disinfection, DRDO Tested and Approved, Automatic Door Sensor Interlock, Professional-Grade UV Disinfection, High-Efficiency, In-Built Timer for Complete Killing of Viruses, Automatic Door Sensor Interlock and more.

So, Now make your Smartphone, Laptop, Wallet, Vehicle Keys, Clinical Tools Corona Free with ‘INDOSAFE’.

Contact STPL3D- WhatsApp 📱 +91 91251 13344 / / ✉️

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