Entice your taste buds with hot-piping surti farsaan by M.V JANI Bhajiawala

The Most Romantic thing is RAIN and CHAI-BHAJIYA Similarly, we’re Surties and our LOVE for Surties FARSAAN cant be envisioned. So, to intense our love for the same we’re here with M.V JANI Bhajiawala; the new addition to our loved foody paradise.

Sunday morning without Locho and Bhajiya is like a waste, Totally! Head to M.V JANI Bhajiawala this Sunday to hog on Hot, steaming, crispy and fresh Bhajiyas and Farsaan. They have a palate-teasing combination of sweet & sour and a wide category of Bhajiyas like Potato, Tomato, Onion, Yam and even cheesy Cheese bhajiyas and what not.

This is not it, to calm our crazy foodie side they have Locho, Bhusu, Papdi, Patra, Muthiya, and their drool-worthy and most favoured FRIED KHAMAN- one of the most unique thing.

‘Surat nu Jaman ane Kashi nu Maran’, let us relive this byword by heading to M.V JANI Bhajiawala today and have all those mouth-watering farsaan and bhajiyas.

Here are the Details:
G-52, Atlanta Shoppers,
Besides Reliance Mall, Vesu.
07:30 A.M. – 07:30 P.M.
+91 98252 80877
+91 83206 57376

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