Let your child Explore, Learn and Grow at ‘SAP Montessori’. Admissions open!

Pre-schooling is no more a luxury, it has now been considered the foundation of every child’s formal education. Hence, it is very important to choose a pre-school that focuses on the holistic growth of your child. ‘SAP Montessori’ is one such pre-school that helps kids to learn and grow.

‘SAP Montessori’ is an environmental friendly pre-school that works on Montessori Educational approach under which the kids learn and grow through self-directed activities. The amalgamation of play with learning approach helps them explore their capability to grow. Also, kids working in groups polishes the quality of team player. Here at ‘SAP Montessori’, kids don’t learn because they are forced to learn but the conducive environment encourages the kids to learn.

Since every kid has a different outlook towards learning. Some learn by observing, some learn by listening while some learn by both. So, it becomes important that a pre-school understands these facets and design activities accordingly. This is where ‘SAP Montessori’ stands out from the rest. Every child is given equal opportunity and equal attention. The well-coordinated and highly effective teachers and staff design activities that encourage students to investigate, gain confidence, become independent and develop language.

Their curriculum provides opportunities for the children to make choices & decisions about their work. It also encourages them to help & support each other inculcating the value of team spirit.

So if you looking for a pre-school that will shape the child’s future and explore their abilities ‘SAP Montessori’ should be your ultimate choice.

Admissions are open for Academic Year 2018-2019

Here are the details:
1-2-3, Sap Montessori,
Vimalnath view,
Near SMC playground,
B/H TGB Restaurant,
L.P. Savani Road,
Adajan, Surat
+91 75676 65554
+91 78787 66221
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