Flawless Lightening Fast Food Delivery to Your Homes by KITCHEN ON WHEELS!

We have all been to fancy hotels and had finest cuisines under an air conditioned roof, but as we Surtis are, we always are up to try something new, something awesome!

This time our team decided to try out something different. Something really unique and handy. So where did we go? That’s right. KITCHEN ON WHEELS. The name says it all! They are really cool just like their name and the things they do! What is better than that of having the royalty of getting food wherever you ask for it? They provide flawless lightening fast food delivery to your homes.Now this is not the regular deliver as you’d pressure. They get you your food when everyone denies! They are up late at night with you get you the best of delicacies! Even after the extreme late night service they offer, their food quality remains optimal. Because they believe in optimum food quality and know that it is the very thing that keeps the customers coming back! They charmingly serve multiple mouthwatering cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, Lebanese & Chinese! They are the only ones who serve such a wide range of food items at night!

They take pride in telling that they are the only one who provide these varieties even in the midnight to all the Surti food lovers! They told us that it is thier very pleasure to serve all the Surtis as they really wanna serve all those people who love to eat at night or miss good food while they crave yummy delicious at night doing thier work, or at a party, at a night out or anything else! Not just that, they also welcome party orders and keep the full potential to serve masses!

So anytime you crave great food at night, KITCHEN ON WHEELS are here to sate your cravings!

Near navjivan circle.

Contact details:
+91 7203969000

Open all days
3pm to 3am

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