Founders of Kalamandir Jewellers are an inspiration to the young generation

Today, Kalamandir Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. is South Gujarat’s one of the most renowned brands in jewellery segment. Forty years ago, the journey of Kalamandir Jewellers started from a small village, known as Kosamba. Mr. Mohanlal Shah’s vision and the contribution of his sons Mr. Sharadbhai Shah, Mr. Rajeshbhai Shah, Mr. Dipeeksh Shah, Mr. Milan Shah have made the brand what it is today.

Behind every successful business, there is a set of principles that act as the foundation. Mr. Mohanlal believes that the hard work, dedication, positive attitude and compassion are the roadmap for their success. These values helped them gain customers’ trust and attain a huge success in a very short period of time. The success pumped up their morale and motivated them to expand. That resulted into another store in Bharuch, where they received a huge response from people. The trust of millions of customers resulted in the commencing of the  Kalamandir Jewellers showroom in Surat in the same year. Always believing in customer satisfaction, they have gained a lot of appreciation that reflects in their business. Now they’ve come up with the brand new outlet in VAPI that is gaining popularity.

To make maximum profit and efficiency, the brothers distributed work and hence took over different departments. Their showroom is in great demand for its Indo – Italian 18- carat Gold, Uncut Diamond Kiglin Jewellery, Kalkatti Jewellery with Antique Designer Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, Beads, etc. Because of the seamless hard work and persistence, they gained a lot of recognition and that turned into numerous awards.

Hard work, perseverance, service, and positive thinking are the backbone just like the four brothers of the organization. They have a long way to go and it is just the beginning.

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