Kala Vaarso 2016

For all the art and craft lovers in Surat, it was time to rejoice as the Kala Vaarso festival finally graced the town with its presence at The Science Centre and knowing how Surtis are always welcoming anything new around the town with open arms, CityTadka visited the festival to give you all the updates of this beautiful gathering.

Full of vibrant colours, vivacious performances and glorious people with their interesting stories – it was a place to be at this weekend. From the décor to the quaint stalls, from the wall art to the tiny details in corners which brought the whole place together, Kala Vaarso has been growing each year with new ideas and spectacular presentation.

As you entered the grounds, you were welcomed with surreal lights, beautifully crafted gates and as you go further, you could see that you have entered into a marvellous overdose of our Indian culture – with elements from all over the country and a décor that pleases the soul apart from the eyes.

Various forms of artists from all four corners of Bharat had come to present their art – in forms of paintings, sculptures, designs, pottery, puppets, wall art, merchandise, accessories and so much more. And the beauty didn’t end there. Onlookers were graced with soulful performances and heart melting musical shows. Renditions included dances from different states of the country – clad in their regional attire. An experience every Surti would enjoy – to be able to experience various cultures in one place in their very own town is an affair to always cherish.

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