Surat is on a word’s map; be it diamonds, textile or food. Any day the latest technology has captured the major part of ease in our life, it has become the inseparable part as well. It really runs in our blood. Hardly there you will find anybody who’s not into it. And yes, it is taking over and making us all comfortable like anything. Everything seems to be just a click away.
As zomato is savior for Surati foodies, Jugaad is an ultimate Jugaad for our textile tycoons. Jugaad is brainchild of two partners; Ankit Jajoo and Kaushal Rathi. Such an innovative app is all about classifieds of this industry. One from the industry must very well know that there are plenty of sub sector in the industry. If you are looking forward for raw materials, finished goods, or services Jugaad gives every details right from the tip to the toe.

Kindly go through this conversation with them and let’s know their #Startup story:
1) What is your startup profile?
Jugaad is a classified app for AtoZ of textile. Each and every aspect has been covered. Having experience of 25 years of the same industry from family business, we have summed it up in this app. The app is all about connecting two different people of textile industries.
2) What is the motivation behind picking up Jugaad?
In the industry, generally when one person gets stuck into something, they usually refer to somebody in their own circle. This circle is made of 8 to 10 people and is limited. Knowledge doesn’t go beyond this. So this one was the main idea behind creating this app. You don’t have to go to somebody and ask things, this app is more than suffice. So this was the ultimate Jugaad of Jugaad.
3) What were your modes of acquisition of funds and working capital?
We managed through our family funding. This was the working capital for our start up.
4) What are your day to day challenges while running the Jugaad?
Awareness for our app is already there in the market. We have already created the buzz by this app. What challenges we are facing on day to day basis is people are not posting ads. Though we have more than 4k downloads for this app, we are having less ads as people find it a lengthy process. With the time span, we will achieve too.
5) How do you plan to scale up?
Well, our aim is to promote the app in the whole Surat and then we wish to promote the same in cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Kolkata etc. where the production of the industry is blooming.
6) Who is your biggest inspiration?
Passion has been our biggest inspiration. From the beginning we wanted to do something different, something innovative. So this has led us and brought us here.
7) Would you like to share your experience, encouragement or advice with Suratis?
We believe Suratis are biggest Jugaadus. Whatsoever the trend will be, textile industry will keep booming and blooming. We encourage all the Suratis to follow their extinct.
So you all, if you liked this one then comment and share with your friends from this industry. This may be very helpful. Also share your views and thoughts on the same lines. Thank you!
Your perfect textile business companion is just a click away.
Download Jugaad – The Perfect Solution app today.
Android – http://bit.ly/1ShTobc
iOS – http://apple.co/1oODCKL

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