Reevaj “The jewellery Above the Ordinary”

A woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase people for opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.

Janki Desai, as MBA in finance has worked with corporate.

Because of her love to wear unique things, she has done jewellery professional course and started jewellery business, making new things and taking customized orders.

A whole range of jewellery collections awaits you at Reevaj “The jewellery above the ordinary”, by Janki Desai, giving you the ideal opportunity to purchase the same for wedding, birthdays or any other occasional gift. You will find everything from Silver jewellery, Stone Jewellery, designer jewellery and antiques and moreover customized jewellery and stones! Discover current trends and view the latest collections for an unforgettable experience.

As wedding season is about to start, in this season almost everyone needs good jewellery to wear and to gift so to have an exposure of jewellery in the wide place, the brides and grooms should fill their wallets and come to shop to have a unique and amazing experience.

Janki Desai herself loves to wear unique and wants people to wear unique to enhance oneself.

She has got Gold medal for jewellery professional study. She is doing exhibition in Surat only and adding to her profile she has many clients abroad and also she is supplying silver and stone jewellery both. She is dealing with; silver 925 jewellery with hallmark on it and real stone jewellery.

Basically, contemporary jewellery which is very much unique in its own means.

She is doing Jewellery exhibition from last 5 months. Also, she is working from home.

As she is even taking orders for gold and diamond jewellery. To create awareness in the society and market she is having an exhibition so that she could get a response that is she worth for.

15th, 16th and 17th October has exhibition with Udaan club.

Address: Stall NO. D7 Maheswari bhavan

Contact No. 9099018976

Be a part of this wide platform of culture collaboration of the year.

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