IGS Popup Meet With Nimisha Verma

Rainy Sunday mornings in Surat either call for sleeping till late or Bhajiyas at Dumas or eating Locha but Instagrammers of Surat thought of doing something different this time and informed us to cover the same. A fellow instagrammer from Jaipur was in town, so Surat_igers organized a pop-up coffee meet at The Coffee House,Vesu. The name of the instagrammer is Nimisha Verma. Currently she operates from 2 accounts on Instagram (@nimishav9/@moonimisha) and has more than 63,000 followers.

Nimisha lives in Jaipur and likes to travel and play music. She is a fine art model, guitarist and the founder of “Home for Artists” (@homeforartists). Home for Artists is an NGO and an abode of upcoming artists like painters, sketching artists, graphic designers, photographers, doodlers, musicians, jewellery designers, singers, tattoo artists, fashion designers, etc. They come and live there and try to find work from there. It is like a community home for Artists of all sorts. Nimisha had come to Surat as a part of her travelling 24 cities.

The Coffee meet was attended by 25+ instagrammers from Surat, Mumbai and Jaipur. Instagrammers introduced themselves and what they do and talked about their dreams. Then Nimisha started talking about her life and experiences she had in the “Home for Artists”. The discussion and interactive session started and Nimisha was asked questions regarding her life, her decisions and the community home. She said that she was a rebel as a child but soon, she was clear and exactly knew what she wanted in life and then worked hard towards achieving it. She got inspiration from her father who is a patient, kind and peaceful man. She likes travelling and knowing about people and their stories and that gives her the strength to achieve more and go a long way in life.

She discussed and shared her thoughts with instagrammers about the mind, body and soul, healthy living, astral travelling, pranic healing and awakening of chakras. She likes reciting lines like a poem. So, she did a wonderful recital, as in, a dramatic presentation of her favourite lines and also of a few lines she had written. Gradually towards the end, she had a question for everyone. What does the word “Home” mean to all? There were many varied answers. Some thought of it as a place where they feel happy and can be their real self without any facades, some thought of it as a place to rest and a few others thought of it as a place, person or thing which gives them peace.

Nimisha was asked a very important question, that, how should we fulfill our wishes and achieve success in life. Her answer to this was, it is simple. Just be happy..!! Happy feeling attracts happiness and psychologically, our mind makes or breaks us. So, to be successful, first, we need to be happy, because all good things come to those who are happy!

It is truly said. A LOT CAN HAPPEN OVER COFFEE and that happened! We felt privileged meeting this young lady, sharing our views and thoughts made it a really prominent meeting for all of us present there.

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