Reward and Retain your customers with Hashtag Loyalty.

Heard of Amazon Prime? It’s the most popular loyalty program in the world.
Prime makes Amazon profitable. In this day & age, where customers have multiple options to choose from, focus on customer retention is essential for any business.

Business owners spend a large sum of their marketing budget on customer acquisition; customer acquisition costs 5X more than retaining an existing customer. Most successful businesses get over 60-70% of their customers coming back on a monthly basis. Businesses across the world are now utilising a strong customer retention technology to grow their revenues. Hashtag Loyalty is one such Indian technology platform.

When Hashtag Loyalty launched 2 years ago, they offered a basic loyalty – simple points and rewards systems. Today Hashtag Loyalty is a smart loyalty platform that means it helps gather information about your customers, building relationships, and communicating the right messages to the right customers at the right times. It’s about the ability to personalize experiences both in and out of the store.

Hashtag Loyalty is empowering over 800 businesses to bring back customers to their store. Brands such as The Belgian Waffle Co., Jumbo King, Apsara Ice Creams, Smaaash, Isharya and many others are using their technology to stay connected, engage with and bring back their customers.

Your loyal customers drive close to 80% of your revenue. Hashtag Loyalty helps you capture this data, and pinpoint customer spending patterns that can help deliver engagement that is personally tailored to each individual customer through its suite of automated marketing tools. Hashtag Loyalty captures item-level purchase data from any point-of-sale system.
Hashtag Loyalty has now launched in Gujarat and is integrated with the leading POS systems such as Pet Pooja, Posist and many more.

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