#MomentOfPride Rising Singing Star – Harshit Singh Baid.

Moment of Pride for Surties, as our fellow residence Harshit Singh Baid is now part of an excellent singing show ‘THE VOICE INDIA’

Excerpt from an interview with the rising singing star – Harshit Singh Baid.

Born and brought up in Surat, I started learning Indian Classical Music from 5th Std. In 12th std. I started jamming with my friends who were studying at a music college SCOPA back then. We formed a band called “Paranoid Fusion Band” and did our very first concert in the same year. My bandmate Dhruv Tailor appeared in the first season of The Voice after which we started doing commercial gigs in Surat. We’ve been performing in Kala Vaarso since its inception. We’ve also worked with Nayaab Udhaas ji for a corporate gig who has her event company in Mumbai.

This year I auditioned for the reality show “The Voice” and luckily I got selected in the top 100 and was called to Mumbai for shooting. It was a first time experience to perform on such a big platform in front of AR Rehman sir, seeing live how shows are shot on set, being a part of the shooting, being friends with musicians from different corners of the country, getting to explore different genres of music.

Also, I want the world to know that Surat is not only famous for diamond, textile and food, but it also has budding musicians talented enough to compete with those from metropolitan cities! I’ve seen many musicians from Surat who represent other cities when they shift to big cities for advancing in their careers. They feel they’ll be valued more and paid more if they say they belong to big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai. I’ve seen Surati artists claiming to be Mumbaikars just to get paid more. If I move ahead in this show, I would want Surti musicians to feel proud of where they belong and that they can create a difference by believing in themselves.

In future times, when Surat will be talked about, I would want to hear about our Surti artists making it big internationally and not just diamond, textiles and food.

We hope you all watch the show ‘THE VOICE INDIA’ and support him with all your love.

See Video Here:

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