Gopi Talav

Surat holds a lot of importance in historical terms, with a lot of colonial invasions and every invader left a mark.

One such place is GOPI TALAV, The travel accounts of the 17th century marked Gopi Talav as an important recreational and religious importance. Built in the circa 1510 AD by an affluent merchant and governer Malik Gopi, today it is a premium spot for a tourist attraction encircled with garden.

There are a plethora of fun-filled activities that you can indulge in with your loved ones, which are as follows:
1. History Zone: – The History Zone comprises motifs, history platforms, an amphitheatre along with administration building and Vav.
2. Food Zone ‘Surat Nu Jamun’: – The Food Zone named ‘Surat Nu Jaman’ serves authentic cuisines at affordable rates. It comprises of seventeen units, toilet and a seating plaza made of concrete benches.
3. Communal Harmony Zone: – Communal Harmony Zone is opened exclusively for those tourists who would prefer to meditate, relax and perform yoga. It houses a laughing club and a gazebo.
4. Diamond Zone: – Diamond Zone is a park zone comprising of ‘Kohinoor Fountain’. This zone also houses a gazebo and seating arrangements for the discerning tourist to relax and unwind.
5. Textile Zone: – The Textile Zone consists of an entertainment zone, which is opened exclusively for the kiddies.
6. Environment Awareness Zone: – The Environment Awareness Zone comprises of a park and a massive amphitheatre, which has the capacity to accommodate over four hundred people at a time.

For all the nature enthusiasts just sit and feel the tranquillity of the place.
So Surtis, go ahead and visit this amazing place with your friends and family.

Gopi Talav
Rustampura, Surat

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