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Good food, good music and good fun – the essence of a great party. But how many of those have we actually attended? Every party promises great food, latest music and hopes to be a lot of fun. But how about some welcome twist in these celebrations? City Tadka is always on board when there are interesting twists in any aspects of life and to add uniqueness to your festivities, Ruchi Mehta with her trailblazing venture – The Paint Social is coming to our great city to give a taste of art and craft to Surtis in her own, unexplored way.
The paint social is not just about painting, it’s a way to make your social events interesting with a dash of art. Not a typical art class, but a unique party where there are important elements like food, fun and there are experts who guide you to make your own painting masterpieces. Now wouldn’t that be a great souvenir to go back home with! Yes, you heard that right! You get to take your painting with you, display it on your walls and get to say, “That’s right here – it’s a Gupta. The only piece in the world.”
A deep passion for art and enthusiasm to bring something different to the table, The Paint Social, after starting in May has created a name for itself in cities like Mumbai & Pune and now soon will be gracing Surat with its charm. Ruchi is very excited to experience her first time in Surat and present her idea in front of a new, exciting audience.
Coming at two stunning locations in the city, this session, or rather we should say, this party will be an amalgam of some enticing things. TPS will be providing the participants with art materials, aprons and there will be artists to guide you and help you create your very own masterpiece. Both locations being few of the loved lounges, we’re sure Surtis won’t need to think before rushing for the events.
A fresh, unexplored concept that brings frolic and art together – TPS is on its way to success with hosting open and house parties customised themed parties and adding a unique touch to our birthdays, kitties, kids’ parties, bachelorette celebrations and even painting themed wedding parties and romantic date nights. They aim to make this social cause an engaging event for both kids and adults and preparations are done according to the attendees.
So why still stick to the same, clichéd parties where there’s the same routine of music, dance, food and catching up? Sure, all that is great but why not add something new to it?
So Surtis, get ready this 25th and 26th February and experience the crazy endeavour where the fun will meet art in the most blissful fashion. Let’s get social, let’s get painting!
Dates, Location and other important details of the event.
25th Feb Saturday: The Hashtag Cafe from 4-6 PM
26th Feb Sunday: Coffee Culture Adajan from 4-6 PM
Links for purchasing tickets
For Hashtag:
For Coffee Culture:
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