Think, Ask and Rise with GAJERA GLOBAL SCHOOL, PAL

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future. – Christine Gregoire.

With this in mind, Gajera Global School takes it upon itself the responsibility of bringing about a holistic development in the child. The School is a child’s second home, schooling is the key behind the success and holistic education of the child. Gajera Global School at Pal is here as a partner in your child’s journey towards enlightenment and development.

Keeping in mind the technocrat society and 21st-century learners, GGS has taken efforts to adapt to the changing needs within the bounds of the CBSE curriculum. Along with academic skills, learners develop efficiency in areas like public speaking, debating, 3D printing, indoor and outdoor sports, robotics etc. which is expected from the Future Leaders of today.

Since its inception, it has emphasized on taking a holistic approach towards the development of an integrated personality. It aims to create enlightened learners who retain curiosity throughout their lives and make learning a lifelong process. GGS believes that learners should not only excel in academics but also in other areas so that they can be productive in their lives and turn out to be a responsible future torchbearer.

GGS believes in creating a project based and participative learning environment keeping in mind that all four aspects—physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual—are fully developed.

Children from GGS move out equipped with answers along with inquisitiveness and the confidence to rise out of conformity and thoughtless uniformity. They go out having learnt to Think, Ask and Rise.

Admissions open for 2019-20.
Call Now +91 84605 22223/25/26

Here are the Details:
Gajera Global School,
PAL T.P 10, Suda Awas Road,
Near Shalin Enclave,
Surat – 394510
Pre-primary Learners : 8:30 A.M. – 12: 30 P.M.
Primary & Secondary Learners: 8:30 A.M. – 03: 00 P.M.
+91 84605 22223/25/26
Website :

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