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Do you also want your Child to Win in the Global Economy?
Today’s Kids and Tomorrow’s Leaders need a next-level set of knowledge & skills to compete with the world’s economy and ‘Cogitus Brainhub Surat.’ will set you for same.
To Enroll: +91 99241 25563 or +91 87807 71525

Education is not all about learning facts and know-how, It is about how well you think and implement it in your Life; and ‘Brain Hub’ is an institute which will focus on the same.

Since Past 7 Years, Brain Hub is effectively amplifying Thinking Skills and Grammar of their Students. They have taken up a course named COGITUS that basically works on higher-order thinking which focuses on building the vital skills of creative, cognitive and critical thinking in children from 4-14 years. Their concept revolves around Bloom’s Taxonomy.
‘Cogitus’ will help the children to shift their learning focus from prescription and testing, to innovative thinking, reasoning and problem-solving.

Primarily, at Brain Hub, your Child’s Creativity through Thinking , Evaluating & Analyzing will unfold. This course takes 1.5 hrs, once a week, with play way methodology to inculcate the thinking skill in children.

So, make sure to perfectly develop your Child for Future with ‘Brain Hub’.
To Enroll: +91 99241 25563 or +91 87807 71525

Here are the Details:
104, Tirupati Apartment, Near Somnath Mahadev temple,
Nehru Nagar, Parle Point, Surat.
03:30 – 06:30 P.M.
(Tuesday – Saturday)
+91 99241 25563 (Neetu Agrawal)
+91 87807 71525 (Sonam Sarawagi)

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