Donate and EMPOWER & EDUCATE mentally challenged kids!

Due to our team’s longing to do something good for the mentally challenged children, we happened to visit the DIVYANG SCHOOL of SHREE MAHADEV EDUCATIONAL & REHABILITATION PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST.

Just as we stepped into the school, we were hurled back in time to our own school days. Seeing the children running back and forth was enough to fill us with pure glee. We were mesmerized by the sheer vivacity of children that so richly clasped the premises of the school. There were zilch contrasts we could discern between us and the children of this special school. It seemed that to them, the school barely was only a place to learn but the best feeling of their life. It was a glorious feeling for them to greet their mates every day, it was the time they looked forward to! They passed every moment in the school in gaiety. When we broke the good news to them and to the teachers about the much helpful NAMO DIVYANGAJAN SASHAKTIKARAN event which will be held on 16th September, they celebrated in pure innocence! The event is going to be held with the noblest idea to sponsor the educational expenses of mentally challenged children as these and give them the power to make their own future.

Seeing the yearning to learn in eyes of all the little ones, it was a moment of elation to know that our team will be getting immersed in the joy of the event that is going to help these tiny hearts immensely. Our experience with these kids was just as bright as the light in them to learn and to live their life just like all of us.

We request all the lovely Surtis to visit the NAMO DIVYANGAJAN SASHAKTIKARAN event on 16th September 2017 at SWARNABHOOMI PARTY PLOT and make the best possible contribution to bring a smile on the faces of these innocent kids. It is your chance to give them a ray of hope to live just like all of us!


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