Dil Se Diwali by SGEMA

SGEMA is South Gujarat Event Management Association. It is an organisation run for the betterment and development of event management companies and concerning agencies of South Gujarat.The association comprises of more than 40 such companies.

The ambience of the dome was very beautiful.

South Gujarat Event Management Association had a Diwali Party yesterday for all the members with their family were invited.

This event was held as part of tradition of an annual event called “Dil Se”

There were many games for all the guests to enjoy including Ring Toss, Flying Dish, and Smiley Twister etc.

Antakshree was also there and played by the guests who were divided into 4 teams. Antakshree had 3 very innovative rounds and the audience had a great fun playing the game.

A very mesmerizing Middle Eastern Folk Dance,Tanoura, was performanced which enchanted the entire crowd. (Tanoura dance is a form of folkloric dance which is very common in Middle East. Tempura means Skirt in English, and is usually performed by Sufi men for the Sufi music, who spin continuously like the dervish dancers.)

This time South Gujarat Catering Association also became part of it and all the members of it who are leading catering company owners attended it.
Singers like Ravi Shukla & Abhinanda Sarkar captivated the audience with their beautiful voices.

There were flute performers; Light creates ambience and feel of a place, as well as the expression of a structure. With an amazing ambience in the event, guests were happy and felt good.

Apart from this entire event industry were present and celebrated together this pre-diwali bash, be it photgrapher and cinematographers, sound and light technos, leading RJs, anchors, singers, decorators, artists everyone came together to celebrate togetherness

Diwali is round the corner and if you haven’t planned that yet then please plan soon to have an awesome Diwali.

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