Diamonds are Surat’s Pride

Surat’s biggest business hub and market is the diamond market in which lots and lots of diamond opportunities are available. Famous for its multi-billion Diamond industry, Surat is the fasted developing city in India. Considered to be the first ‘Smart City’ in the country, Surat is a major economic and commercial hub in the state of Gujarat. The presence of several MNC IT giants has transformed Surat into the technology hub, making it the second significant center of IT in Gujarat after Ahmedabad.

Surat was formerly known as Suryapur, it is the Commercial Capital City of Gujarat, also India’s eighth largest metropolitan city. Surat is an important industrial hub and commercial center in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Surat is largely recognized for its textile and diamond businesses. It is also known as the diamond capital of the world and the textile capital of India.

Surat is known as ‘Textile city’ because its textile is famous in India and abroad for its high quality textile products. Fabrics made in Surat are exports worldwide and wide raking in important foreign exchange for the nation.

Surat is known as ‘Diamond City’ because of Surat has world’s largest Cutting and Polishing industry.

Diamond market is also known as Hira Bazar of Surat it is a place which is located in the Mahidhapura area of Surat.

1.5 km away from railway station this Hira Bazar has given the title as diamonds to Surat city. It is the place spread in and around 0.5 square km. Here area doesn’t matter as in this 0.5 square km area the trade of millions and millions worth of diamonds is done on day to day basis.

In this area diamond is manufactured, polished and sorted with a very careful sequence of work. There are traders, sellers, and manufacturers. Between 11am to 7pm the bazaar is fully crowded and people are just busy with their lives.

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