Festivals, an intrinsic part of India.

The Cultural Nation Known for its Festivals which is celebrated hugely with love. Each and every State of India is celebrating their festivals with much Zest, but we think when it comes to Gujarat, Gujarat is the State who celebrates more than 2000 Festivals in a Year. Isn’t that Amazing?

From Gujarat, Surat is the City where all the Surti’s celebrates each and Every Festival with Great Joy and enthusiasm. Among all the Festivals, the Surti’s Celebrates one of the most favourite festival with amazing energy that is “Makar Sankranti” popularly known as “Uttarayan”.

The Celebration takes place before 2-3 Days; we can see the markets filled with Kites. Different varieties of Kites are present in the shops. One of the famous market in Surat from where the Surti’s get their Colourful Kites and Manja’s for the Uttrayan .-Dabgarwad. Many of the Surti’s are aware of this place. This is an awesome place to go and shop Kites.

If you are unaware about this place so let us give you a brief of DABGARWAD, it is a place where people go and buy kites and Manja’s during Uttarayan Festival, the Street’s of Dabgarwad is decorated. The decoration is done through the kites only people from different places come and buy beautiful Kites made by Shop-keepers. It’s just not only the Purchase and Sales Business it’s more than that; you can see the efforts of Kite Makers in their Beautiful Kites. The shopkeepers manufacturers their own products and people from different cities came and buy the beautiful and colourful Kites.

Dabgarwad is the area where you can get crazy night shopping, people especially go in the nights for Kite shopping and the massive crowd gather there. For lovely and adorable Surti’s Dabgarwad is decorated like “Mela”, It’s Like “Kite Mela” Celebrated before “Kite Flying” Festival Speciality of Dabgarwad is Manja’s of Different Colours and of Different Varieties, We Bet you can’t get the Best MANJA EXCEPT Dabgarwad in Surat City. The Thread they use it’s just not Normal tie to the Kite, the Manja’s are made from a strong thread coated with powdered glass, making it Extremely Sharp.

People buying kites from Dabgarwad put their kites on the head…hahaha, you must be thinking why??

Well, it is for the fear of them being Trampled.This is known as the safest way to roam in the Market.

Few days before Uttarayan, you can see a huge amount of people gather and buy lots of kites. We can say” Dabgarwad” is the treasure of Kites you can find Numerous Varieties of Kites there, You can even find people of Different age groups there, from a Child to old age Person, everyone is Crazy for this Festival.

Surat’s best kites are made at Dabgarwad, various people come and you may hear people saying and bargaining which is a trend “Pakka wala Manja Dena”,” Kandil Kitne ka Diya” and “ Sahi Rate Lagana”.

The Market is full of People you cannot find even Space to walk. A Day before Uttarayan “Dabgarwad” is like the Highlight area of Surat… Big, Bigger and Biggest Kites are made by the Kite Makers with so much of love, because this festival is all about love, Fun and Eating!!

Like we had anamzing experience at Dabgarwad… You can too have!!

Have a Happy & Safe Uttarayan!!

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