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When art and craft mix together in a blissful blend, it creates magic. And when Indian touch is added to creativity, the results always tend to make us overjoyed. Surtis, get ready! Just one day to go for Craftsroots exhibition to grace our city.
With 45 different art forms and crafts like Bandhani, Ajrakh, Batik, Rogan, Mud Work, Mashru, Bamboo, Brass Work, Pottery, Jewellery making, Embroidery, Patchwork, Beadwork, Weaving, Warli Painting, etc. by over 100 talented artisans of Gujarat, this exhibit is surely going to satisfy the artistic soul of Surat. Getting these hidden artists the right network and spotlight is what Craftsroots aims to do with this exhibit so their art gets its deserved credit and resources.
Apart from the showcase of this equipped bunch of artists, Craftsroots also invites students of art & design and the faculty to come and explore these age-old art forms that have been passed down from generation to generation. Exchange of different ideas, collaborations with these respected artisans and workshops to enhance their skills – a perfect blend for a great rendezvous.
This enticing three-day exhibit will include Live demonstrations and workshops on various crafts like Pottery, Khadi Paper, Rogan art, Khat Work, Warli Painting, Metal Ari Work, Leather, Mashru, Weaving, Jewelry Making, Wood Carving Lacquer work and many more.. A perfect way for all the enthusiastic students to explore a new and unexplored skill set straight from the artists..
Craftsroots, a brain child of Anar Patel, gives you a traditional feel and how can a mother not be there for her daughter’s big event. We had Dr. Anandiben Patel to inaugurate the event.
So Surtis, Craftroots exhibit has opened in the city for all. Let’s all meet together and pay respect our rich, beautiful heritage in forms of art and express our true creativity. City Tadka is ready at Science Centre to experience this surreal fusion of art & craft today, are you?
Dates: 10 – 11 – 12 February
Timings: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Location: Science Centre, City Light, Surat
Contact – Sandeep: +91 9979857780 l Annie: +91 8469699919
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