Every day One Locha Shop should open up !!

The City of Diamond &textile hub got one other name today. The City of Foodie’s.
Well, Sounds interesting, we Surti’s are very lively, enthusiastic and lovely-Someone said!!

The Crowd of Surat is Awesome and of Celebrating nature-“Someonesaid!!
We surtis believe in giving love to every people-Said by Some one” !!
Who is that Someone??
Yes, the Star of Chhello divas-Vicky urf Malhar Thakkar.!!

Team City Tadka got an Opportunity to meet with the team Chhello Divas. We were damn excited to talk with them, As we reached to the Venue we saw huge crowd was waiting for them to come and had a conversation with them. Our’s Excitement was on top too!!

City tadka was one who got the chance first to start little Chit-chat with them.

Taking an Initiative Our founder started an Exchange of Conversation with them!!

1. How is the Surat City and How’s your Experience of Coming here ??
The Answer was Fabulous. Nothing like Surat-Vicky Said.
Surat is the City of fun loving People, who believes in living their life fully. We received a Warm welcome from surat which is kind of Unforgettable.

As, the Conference were going on!!
2. Another Question was, If you guys get a Chance to work with Surti’s, Would you like work with us??
Yes, definitely-they said!!
Yeah!! Proud to be part of Such a City a city that loves the culture of celebrating festivals, enjoying life, Eating food!! Oh yes food
With this we moved ahead to next question!!

3. Let’s come on coffee king, how is the food??
What’s your review on this??
The most tasty and best food we have ever had!! Specially the Coffee, Pizza and Pasta !! The Yummy Food that is surat’s Famous and here at Coffee king one must Come at the gap of every 2-3 days!!
4. Today is the Indian chhello divas , what’s your take on this?? We asked.
Well, you guys, might have seen our poster of the film “Chhello divas” (A New Beginning)
Chhello divas is not the last day-Naresh Said.
It’s a New Beginning of another day, another year. Like every ending has the new beginning.

Yes the Answer Absolutely Right. Ending up with the Questions
We asked!!

5. Any Suggestions for the People of Surat.
The Response made our day!!
The Surti’s are enthusiastic, we want that they remain with this Nature, for all Surti’s Every day one locha shop should open in Surat and New Cafeteria at Every Second day-Said the Team!!
The loved Response from them, made the Event Happening.

Lastly, they said to us that they are glad to meet with us and Spread this message to all Surti’s that “We love you”.
We are also glad to meet with them, Such a Lovely People!!

Team City tadka was lucky enough that the team chhello divas Spent the Indian Chhello divas with us.

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