Chit chat with Indian Idol fame Shivam Pathak

Shivamm Pathak, singer and composer was in our city Surat to perform for the closing night 0f GLAM CRICKET and so luckily City Tadka got the amazing opportunity to chat with him.

We had question answer round session with this amazingly talented singer. When we asked about his experience about the event and his visit to Surat, he said he was very excited as he came to Surat for the first time. And he found people very welcoming and friendly. He was very impressed by the warmth of people. We threw our next question that has he ever tasted our scrumptious Gujju food, but to our surprise he had tasted Gujarat food before and is very fond of it.

Next we asked him if someone is aspiring to be a singer, what will be his suggestions for them. And then we came to know that he believes in karmic connection, he very enthusiastically told us that if you are born to do something it will attract you like a magnetic. Like for him, he came to Mumbai not to be a singer but to do Hardware and Networking Engineering and his destiny drew him towards the door of Indian Idol 5 and from there he never looked back. He has been learning classical music under Sri Suresh Wadekarji and believes that a person should never stop learning and if you are passionate about something, keep working you will find a way. We really think that was an amazing piece of advice from this young talent.

Then we asked him about new composition “Nindiya” from Sarbjit. He said that he was very contented with the output and overwhelmed with people response. He had all praises for Arijit Singh. One thing that made us lauded for him was that he said, it doesn’t matter what kind of music you love but being an Indian you should stick to your roots that is go for the soulful and enchanting Classical Indian Music, nothing compared to it. And to end this beautiful rendezvous he sang his mesmerising composition for us ‘Sukoon Mila”. And we bid adieu to him with lots of wishes for his future and smiles on faces.

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